sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015


It was late, a cold Saturday night when I was strolling around all the most famous Pubs in the city. I was alone and a little bit drunk. My husband, the person with who I have shared all my life was in the bed of another woman. I was devastated and I just wanted to be alone.
The scarf disturbed me. The alcohol was doing its effect on me and a strange hot wave was overpowering me. That’s why I decided to throw off it and to take off my heeled shoes which were hurting me and making me limp. As I recovered my balance, I listened a mysterious voice that came from a man. He had been following me all the night but I hadn’t paid attention at him. ‘Hey, you need help baby’. I turned my head and I answered this odd man ‘No, I just need a cigarette’. At this moment I realized that he had a big scar in his face but I couldn’t see him completely, there wasn’t enough light. He laughed deeply and threw his cigar case. I just said thank you and returned it. I put the cigarette between my red lips and I started to rush. I didn’t feel comfortable with this man; he was suspicious, odd, peculiar… ‘Hey baby, don’t you need fire?’ He asked. ‘No I put the killing thing between my teeth but I don’t give it the power to kill me.’ He looked at me one second and then he disappeared. I couldn’t believe that but it happened. Then, the voice was again behind. I turned and he was there, with another person, my son, my little John. He was asleep. I was shocked. Lots of questions came to my mind: What is he doing with John? What had happened? What.… I noticed a hand behind me with a handkerchief that smelled different, it was poison.

Mummy where is daddy?  John was at my bed and he was looking at me. It was Sunday morning. I thought it had just been a nightmare but, there was a man perfume in the bedroom. 

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